Rea Magnet Wire is Your Full Line Supplier for the North American Transformer Industry

  • Rea is the North American leader in the Transformer industry servicing customers in all manufacturing segments, providing the most robust line of products in the marketplace.
  • Rea’s product quality is second to none. State of the art process monitoring and controls ensure product quality across Rea’s vast portfolio. Bare products, paper wrapped products, and enamel insulated products are all mangaed within ReaiQ.
  • Fully integrated testing followed by error proofing measurements at scales allow for full traceability from rod to finished product, but Rea’s quality system does not stop at monitoring. Alarms are automatically triggered if variation occurs and non-compliant product is removed from the production facillity.

Oil Filled Distribution Transformers

Over 50% of Rea’s sales into the transformer market service oil filled distribution
transformers. This makes Rea the premier supplier in this market segment. The most
common products utilized in this application include Aluminum and Copper Formvar, as
well as Rea’s premium product, Magneflex. Paper wrapped products are less common,
but still seen in this market

Copper and Aluminum Formvar have proven performance in oil-filled transformers due primarily to excellent hydrolytic stability. In addition, formvar can withstand substantial winding abuse due to superior flexibility and abrasion resistance.

Rea’s Magneflex product features a proprietary bonding process which insulates aluminum conductor with advanced polymer coatings. Excellent dielectric properties lead to a tremendous reduction in test failures and the durable construction leads to increased customer winding speeds. Overall, MagneFlex leads to a reduction in total unit cost for Rea’s customers.

Power Transformers

Rea’s broad product offering ranging from Transformer Lead Cable to Continuously Transposed Cable and everywhere in between makes them a full line supplier to the industry. In addition, Rea’s relentless attention to new product development and process improvement makes them the ideal partner and solutions provider.

Transformer Lead Cable
Rea rounds out their full product offering for Power Transformers with TLC. With capabilities to insulate up to 1/2” of thermally upgraded stretch crepe paper onto cable ranging from 14 AWG all the way up to 1000 MCM, Rea can supply virtually any transformer lead requirement.

Continuously Transposed Cable
Capable of running up to 79 strands, Rea is an industry leader in the manufacturing of CTC.  With its combination of Formvar and B staged epoxy coating paired with paper, nomex, or corded insulation, CTC is the ideal winding product for Power Transformers.

Paper, Nomex Wrapped, Copper and Aluminum
Paper Wrapped Copper is the most common magnet wire product utilized for Power Transformers. Whether single or multiple conductors, Rea has state of the art manufacturing equipment to ensure consistent and superior product quality. With a vast range of insulations from 105° to 250° Rea can manufacture to the most stringent product requirements.

Dry Type Transformers

Dry Type Transformer manufacturers use a full range of products. Whether it is bare copper or aluminum, paper wrapped or nomex product, enamel insulated or glass, Rea can handle customer requirements.

Enamel Insulated Copper and Aluminum
Rea’s most common enamel product sold to Dry Type transformer manufacturers is 155° Nysol, but 200° TAI Hyslik is also quite common. Super Hyslik 220° and Pyre ML 240° are also used in more robust applications requiring exceptional thermal resistance. Rea’s industry experience makes them the perfect supplier to meet existing requirements, or help customers develop new, more robust requirements.

Paper, Nomex Wrapped, Copper and Aluminum
Rea’s expertise in bare wire enhances their overall paper and nomex insulated capabilities. Advanced equipment allows for heavier builds and a more robust product offering. With a vast range of insulations from 105° to 250° Rea can manufacture to the most stringent product requirements. This, paired with Rea’s ability to insulate with enamel result in products such as bondable multi-conductor.

Bare Aluminum and Copper
Rea’s bare wire must be pristine because it is often used internally for paper wrapped or enamel applications. Product quality starts with bare copper and aluminum, and Rea’s process monitors and manages near perfect bare quality.

Other Products and New Developments

With a culture for innovation, Rea continues to develop new, exciting products to help the transformer industry progress. Here are a few developments over the past few years.

  • Rectangular Shaped Transformer Lead Cable
  • Enamel Insulated Multiconductor
  • Self-Bonding Multiconductor
  • High Temperature Continuously Transposed Cable