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Join our team of leaders in quality, innovation, service and collaboration as we supply magnet wire to manufacturers around the world.

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Rea is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Vet/Disability Employer

Transparency in Coverage Rule

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At Rea, we come to work every day with three simple goals: earning the trust of our customers, communicating openly with our co-workers, suppliers, and partners, and working together as a team to solve any problem that comes our way. We distill these goals down to a single motto, one you’ll hear frequently when you visit any of Rea’s six offices or manufacturing facilities: Trust. Transparency. Teamwork.

Trust is the foundation of healthy relationships. Transparency reduces the risk of misunderstanding, and it helps to encourage trust in other’s actions and motives. Teamwork is working together to achieve our goals, as well as offering to help a co-worker finish a task and serving our communities. Rea’s corporate personality is defined by our culture. Applying the 3Ts into our daily lives will define who we are while we pursue the purpose established by our tagline: WE POWER THE WORLD.

“Living above the line”

Life is full of challenges at work and at home. The Rea culture is all about how we react to these challenges. When we handle challenges through the 3Ts – Trust, Transparency, and Teamwork – we are “living above the line.” Below the line behavior includes the BCDs – Blaming, Complaining, and Defending. Living below the line never solves a problem, never achieves a goal, and never builds a relationship. As a company, we strive to keep every interaction and every transaction above the line.

The Community

Rea is proud to be a long-time member of the communities in which we operate. We strive to create value for our communities, our employees, and our business and act as a catalyst for positive development in our operating communities. The Rea family of workers is happy to donate their expertise, time, and resources to strengthen the communities in which they live. Learn more about Rea and our involvement in the North East Indiana community here.


We recognize that trust is the foundation of healthy relationships. We also understand that trust must be earned every day through our actions and behaviors. Rea’s people will be honest, respectful, and always accept accountability for their actions. Learn more about Rea and our objectives here.


Rea has a heritage of innovation and setting the highest industry standards. Along with advancements in magnet wire, our company has grown through an unwavering commitment to integrity, service and responsiveness to our customers. Today’s Rea continues to be privately owned and is guided by a leadership team that fosters open communication, career growth, diversity and corporate responsibility.