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Every company has a distinctive culture and personality, and ours is a reflection of our long-standing heritage, stability, and commitment to excellence and innovation. The Rea team continues a legacy of leadership that built integrity into every aspect of the business. We strive to be a responsible corporate citizen, leading by example in protecting the environment and providing stewardship for the communities in which we live and work.

By putting the right people in the right positions, Rea furthers its commitment to implementing continuous improvement.

Susan Boyd, Vice President of Human Resources, Rea Magnet Wire

Jerry Long, President and Chief Executive Officer

KellyRyan Kelly, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Mike Connolly, Executive Vice President of Business Development

FosterEric Foster, Vice President Supply Chain

PabloLeguina_0002Pablo Leguina, Executive Vice President of Sales and Chief Marketing Officer

Susan Boyd, Vice President of Human Resources

JohnHakeJohn Hake, Executive Vice President, China Joint Ventures

Dave Francis, Vice President of Finance

Matt Stowe, Vice President of Technology

Brian Bolinger, Director of Corporate Health and Safety


Magnet wire has revolutionized our world. It lies at the heart of technology we use every day – appliances, generators, transformers, turbines, and much more. Rea Magnet Wire has been blazing trails in its manufacture for more than 75 years, and we look forward to building on our legacy of quality, innovation and responsive support. See how we’ve made our mark on the world.

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At Rea, we’ve taken great care to build the best team in the industry with our long-term vision in mind. Our founders created an atmosphere of stability, innovation and corporate responsibility, and every member of our team takes those principles to heart, making Rea a great place to grow a career. Meet our leadership team.


Are you a hard worker? A person of integrity? Do you see opportunities where there are challenges? If so, you may just find that Rea is an environment where your character and skills find a home. Click here to take at look at our open positions.

When you find an overseas partner that shares your values, great things can happen.

John Hake, Executive Vice President China Joint Ventures