Logistics / Supply Chain

We know that manufacturers rely heavily on real-time fulfillment throughout the entire supply chain. To support our customers with reliable distribution, our LTL carrier network spans the continental US and ensures that no matter where you are, you’ll have the product you need when you need it.

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2017 LTL Freight Carriers Inbound/Outbound Service

Lafayette and Fort Wayne, IN

Old Dominion:
Lafayette: (844) 292-3622
Fort Wayne: (877) 571-7823

Standard Forwarding:
Lafayette: (800) 447-2012
Fort Wayne: (800) 447-2012

Dayton Freight:
Lafayette: (800) 860-5210
Fort Wayne: (800) 860-2210

Lafayette: (888) 237-9271
Fort Wayne: (800) 252-3617

Lafayette: (800) 610-6500
Fort Wayne: (800) 610-6500

Lafayette: (800) 382-5072
Fort Wayne: (800) 322-0162

Guilford, CT

XPO Logistics: (800) 243-9914

Estes: (866) 774-6335

New Penn: (800) 374-7964

YRC: (800) 610-6500

New England Motor Frt: (203) 634-7869

Hanover, VA

XPO Logistics: (800) 223-2184

Southeastern Freight: (800) 223-2184


What does striving for the best in all aspects of operations look like? For starters, we take the long-range view to make sure every employee and process is right for our company’s future. Thorough evaluation of every aspect of the business may take a little longer than usual, but in our estimation, the result is worth every minute.

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We’re known for producing products with consistently excellent quality, and that’s no easy feat.

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Creating a culture of safety is not a simple matter of writing a list of rules. It requires careful evaluation of each process and building safety into the daily routines of each employee. By raising awareness and careful training, we prove our dedication to the quality of life of each individual on our team.

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Working with Rea should be easy for our customers. To that end, we’ve automated processes and solutions to make the exchange of information clear and simple. No matter the size of your operation, we’re built to help you succeed.

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Our extensive distribution network is designed to provide reliable fulfillment for our customers.

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