Rea has a long and successful relationship with the auto industry, supplying products that help power the countless electric motors increasingly found in today’s vehicles. From powering windows, seats, and starters, to alternators and solenoids, to the motors driving today’s hybrid and electric vehicles, we have the wire for your automotive applications.

The Rea Advantage

For over 85 years we have been on the road to innovation. We are collaborating with manufacturers and designers to turn new ideas into working products. This is where we thrive and what makes Rea not just a supplier, but a trusted partner. Working in the design phase alongside a customer allows our technology experts to thoroughly understand your challenges and ensure that we provide the right wire size and enamel construction to meet your specific needs.

The wire sizes and builds you require come in many languages and we’re fluent in all of them. Today, we are manufacturing hundreds of different products across JIS, IEC, and NEMA specifications. When you partner with Rea you also gain access to a global network of over 10 different metal and enamel suppliers—offering world-class customization. Every automotive application is unique and our ability to customize across metals and enamel constructions is unparalleled in the industry.

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As the leading supplier to the market, we have the knowledge and experience to help your business grow. With customers from Vancouver to Guadalajara our plants are strategically positioned to serve your Motor and Generator requirements.

  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Generator
  • HVAC
  • Residential
  • Traction

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Precision products as diverse as your applications. From transportation to medical, Rea has a diverse selection of alloys and tempers to meet your requirements.

  • Transportation
  • Heat Exchange
  • Connectors
  • Medical
  • Ammunition
  • Wire and Cable

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Custom solutions for multi-national customers. Rea can custom design wire to meet your NEMA, IEC and JIS specifications. Whether you require Metric or AWG sizes Rea can deliver a product to meet the technical requirements demanded by today’s innovators.

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Rea offers a full-line solution for your transformer needs. From the smallest dry-type transformers to the largest utility transformers. Rea offers a full complement of products—round and shaped wire, CTC, transformer lead cable as well as MagneFlex®–the market-leading polymer product all available from one supplier.

  • Utility Distribution
  • Utility Power
  • Specialty
    • Lifting Magnets
    • Battery Chargers
    • Welding Equipment
    • Coils

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When your company’s values align with those of your customers, you can do great things together.

Pedro Ledo III, Vice President of Sales & Marketing