Safety is a top priority at Rea, and we’re proud of our history of excellence in this area. Our commitment to a safe work environment extends from our Board of Directors to every individual who enters a Rea facility.

A significant amount of capital continues to be invested across all of our North American plants for the improvement of engineered safety solutions.  These investments continue to shape and improve our working environment. However, we not only invest in safer conditions, we continue to invest in cultural and behavioral-based solutions that advance our commitment to a safer workplace.

As we drive towards our goal of zero safety incidents, we are reaching new milestones on the way.  The Ashland, VA and Monterrey, MEX locations each worked over 1000 days without recordable incidents. While the Lafayette, IN and Guilford, CT locations have both reached a year between injuries.

These professional achievements reflect our commitment to provide a safe work environment. Like the quality assurance process, safety requires tremendous attention to detail by all of our employees. As we move forward, we pledge a continued level of support and focus on this worthwhile endeavor.

Please view the links below to see safety documentation and declarations of compliance:
Declaration of Compliance RoHS
Declaration of Compliance REACH list
Declaration of Compliance to CA Prop 65
Declaration of Compliance for Conflict Minerals

Declaration of Compliance to EPA – TSCA

Declaration of Compliance EPA -TSCA-Chemical Containment

Declaration of Compliance PFAS

When it comes to safety, there is no finish line. We just continue to drive toward zero safety incidents.

Lew Tutton, Corporate Safety & Environmental Manager, Rea Magnet Wire


What does striving for the best in all aspects of operations look like? For starters, we take the long-range view to make sure every employee and process is right for our company’s future. Thorough evaluation of every aspect of the business may take a little longer than usual, but in our estimation, the result is worth every minute.

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Creating a culture of safety is not a simple matter of writing a list of rules. It requires careful evaluation of each process and building safety into the daily routines of each employee. By raising awareness and careful training, we prove our dedication to the quality of life of each individual on our team.

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