Electronic Commerce at Rea

We know there is no single method to automate business transactions that will work for everyone.  Rea is capable of meeting the customer at a level that is comfortable for them.  Whether you are a high volume operations or a focused manufacturer, Rea has a solution that will work for you.

Ron Mihavics

A successful model for electronic commerce requires that both parties benefit in the automation of business transactions.  Cutting costs in doing business is the goal along with speed and quality of delivering the documents.

Large enterprises may demand extensive features, planning and testing in order to go live with a solution.  Small and medium sized business may need more technical support and just a few features to be successful.  Either way, our staff is eager and willing to help. 



Features and Benefits

Rea has an eCommerce strategy with two objectives in mind.  The first is the automation of routine business transations.  The second is the use of self-service web applications.  By embracing both techniques, Rea has a wealth of solutions that will help drive costs out of doing business with us.

Learn more about the automated business transactions that Rea can support by clicking here.