What is the Open Application Group?


The Open Applications Group is focused on delivering practical specifications defining business software component interoperability to real and present problems for customers and vendors.  Since 2005, Rea has adopted the Open Application Group's Integration Specification for Business Object Documents.  The specification is built upon an XML Architecture.  Reference: http://www.oagi.org

Business Object Documents (BODS)

The common XML message structure provided by OAGIS is the Business Object Document (BOD,) which provides a message architecture based on the following reusable components:

  • Nouns - Nouns describe a commond business object and are comprised of components.
  • Verbs - Verbs describe the action to be applied to the Noun.

For example, the ProcessPurchaseOrder BOD is constructed from the PurchaseOrder Noun and the Process Verb. All BOD messages are based on common Nouns combined with a Verb.

During a document’s lifecycle, the Noun may be combined with various Verbs to achieve portions of a business process. You may send your partner a ProcessPurchaseOrder, the partner responds with an AcknowledgePurchaseOrder and you later may need to issue a ChangePurchaseOrder. All three messages would use the same Noun to describe the Purchase Order.

Additionally, all BODs contain an application area with information that can be used by the processing infrastructure for routing, authorization and receipt verification.