Business Documents (Automated)

Rea can support direct B2B transactions, web services, traditional X12 EDI documents and simple file transfer protocols of files.  We can even customize a solution that might better fit your specific needs.  Our flexibility gives you essentially every connectivity paradigm that is in wide use today.

ANSI ASC X12 Supported Documents

Purchase Orders (850)

Planning Schedule with Release Capability (830),

PO Acknowledgments (855)

Invoices (810)

Advance Ship Notices, Manifest (856)

Other Invoicing Practices Supported

Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS)  - ERS is a process for paying for goods and services from a packing slip rather than from a separate invoice document.  The payee uses data in the packing slip to apply payments to the existing purchase order (or contract) and then pays the supplier.


Exchanging Documents

Inbound and Outbound EDI documents can be traded via AS2 or through a traditional value-added-network (VAN).