Copper & Aluminum Properties

Property Copper Aluminum
Volume Conductivity @ 20°C (IACS) 100.0% 61.8%
Volume Resistivity @ 20°C (ohm-cir mil per foot) 10.371 16.782
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance @ 20°C 0.00393 0.00410
Coefficient of Linear Expansion (per °C) 0.000017 0.000023
Density @ 20°C (gm/cubic cm) 8.89 2.703

Rea COPPER magnet wire is manufactured from electrolytic tough pitch copper that meets ASTM B49-78, B115.83A and Rea's physical and electrical specifications.

Rea ALUMINUM magnet wire is derived from selected rods of high purity, electrical grade 1350 aluminum. The basic properties of this aluminum is covered by specification ASTM B230.