Typical Applications
Oil-filled transformers
Utility transformers
Power generation

Product Description 

Through the use of its patented Magna-Ply® System as well as improving upon traditional insulating technologies, Rea-Algonquin has become a world leader in the high speed application of insulating papers on copper and aluminum.

Typical tape thicknesses used for wrapping conductor are 2, 2.5 and 3 mil.

Linear Served Paper (LSP) is also available.

Insulations available:

Various types of thermally upgraded paper are available either as 100% kraft or as manila/kraft combinations.  Some of these papers are available creped for extra toughness.  Papers coated with "B" stage epoxies are also available.

Nomex® is a tough, high temperature paper that exhibits excellent physical, thermal, and electrical properties. Nomex® is compatible with transformer oil and most commonly used with varnishes and adhesives in both dry and oil-filled applications.

Weidmann® 105°
Cindus® 105°
Manning® 105°
Munksjö® 105°
Tullis Russell® 105°
Cindus® 105°
Nomex® 220°
Kapton® 250°
Mica 155°








Special purposes tapes, including Kapton® and Mylar®, plus various micas, diamond and epoxy coatings are available by special order.




General Information

      NEMA: MW 31-C

      NEMA: MW 33-C

      Copper/Aluminum          2 - 12 AWG

      Copper/Aluminum          2 - 12 AWG

 Rectangular   Copper/Aluminum

      Min Width .080"
  Max Width 1.00"
  Min Thickness .020"
  Max Thickness .250"





Edge Contours:

Radius corner, Full round, Rounded. Trapezoid and chamfered also available.

Special Insulated Constructions:

Starting with single conductor wraps, up to six individual multi-conductor combinations can be produced.

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