Typical Applications
  Inverter-Duty motors
  High voltage motors
  High frequency transformers

Product Description
Thermal Class:  200° (copper)

Resistant to voltage stresses generated by high frequency, rapid rise time, voltage spikes typically introduced by IGBT-type inverters. Motor life is increased significantly over standard MW-35C magnet wire under these voltage stresses and across a wide temperature range.

Improved insulation protection against transient spikes, high frequencies, elevated voltage levels, and short rise time pulses without increasing insulation thickness.

Excellent resistance to thermoplastic flow (cut-through), abrasion and heat shock.

Excellent resistance to heat and solvent shock conditions encountered in varnishing and encapsulating processes.


References Are Provided for Comparative Purposes:

  NEMA: Copper MW 35-C, MW 73-C
UL: File # E37683

      Heavy   12 - 24 AWG


Typical Properties

This data is typical of 18 AWG copper, heavy build insulation only. It is not intended to be used to create specification limits.



Thermal Endurance
20,000 hr Life >200°C

Thermoplastic Flow
min : 300°C
typical : 350°C

Heat Shock (20% 3x)
½ hr @ 220°C min : no cracks
½ hr @ 240°C min : no cracks

Not designed to be self-solderable

Stress Relief Temp:  160°C


Mandrel Flexibility
After Elongation
    min : 20% 3x OK
    typical : 30% 1x OK
After Snap
    min : 3x OK
    typical : 1x OK

Unilateral Scrape
Avg of 3 tests (taken at 120° increments)
    min : 1150 gms
    typical : 1700 gms

Dynamic C of F    typical: 0.06 


Pulse Endurance Test
20,000 Hz, 2000 V, 0.025 microsecond rise time
150°C, 50% Duty Cycle - Twisted Pairs
   18 HTAIH Reference = 600 seconds
   18 HTAIHSD Reference = 80,000 seconds

Pulse Endurance Index (PEI) > 100
Life of Product/Life of Same Size and Build MW-35 (Reference)

Dielectric Breakdown
NEMA min: 5.7 kV    typical: 11 kV

Corona Inception Voltage
typical: 580V

High Voltage Continuity
NEMA @ 1500 V DC : 5 faults/100 feet max
Typical @ 3000 V DC : 0-1 faults/100 feet


Retained Dielectric
After 72 hrs exposure to R-22 +150°C conditioning:
NEMA    min: 5.7 kV
                typical: 10.7 kV

R-22 Extractables:  0.8%  

Resistance to Solvents
after 24 hrs @ RT : Pass
Solvents Including:
50/50 Cellosolve/Xylene,
1% NaOH,
28% Sulfuric Acid,

Procedure followed to determine published values:

NEMA: National Electrical Manufacturers Association
JIS: Japanese Industrial Standards
IEC: International Electrotechnical Commission
ASTM: American Society for Testing and Materials

Download pdf Spec Sheet Pulse Shield SD