Typical Applications
  Coils and Relays
  Lighting Ballast transformers
  Torroidal Coils
  Ignition Coils

Product Description
Thermal Class:    155°

Solderable without prior insulation removal.

Polyamide (Nylon) overcoat provides excellent mechanical protection during winding and insertion.

Excellent dereeling and windability on high speed and/or automated winding machines.

Produces compact coils and windings.

Self-fluxing providing excellent soldered connections with solder temperatures as low as 360°C.

Exceptional film flexibility and adhesion.

Extremely resistant to a variety of solvents, including most varnishes and hardener catalysts.


References Are Provided for Comparative Purposes:
      NEMA: MW 80-C, MW 80-A
      UL: E37683

Standard Color:

      Single 10 - 38 AWG
      Heavy 10 - 31 AWG

      Single 10 - 24 AWG
      Heavy 10 - 24 AWG

Typical Properties

This data is typical of 18 AWG copper, heavy build insulation only. It is not intended to be used to create specification limits.



Thermal Endurance
20,000 hr Life >160°C

Thermoplastic Flow
min : 200°C
typical : 230°C

Heat Shock (20% 3x)
½ hr @ 175°C min : no cracks

@ 430°C (800° F) : 3 seconds
(Flux recommended)

Stress Relief Temp:  130°C


Mandrel Flexibility
After Elongation
    min : 20% 3x OK
    typical : 30% 1x OK
After Snap
    min : 3x OK
    typical : 1x OK

Unilateral Scrape
Avg of 3 sides
    min : 1150 gms
    typical : 1500 gms


Dielectric Breakdown
@ RT : 8.5 kV
@ 155°C : 6.0 kV

High Voltage Continuity
NEMA @ 1500 V DC : 5 faults/100 feet max
Typical @ 3000 V DC : 0-1 faults/100 feet


Resistance to Solvents
after 24 hrs @ RT : Pass
Solvents Including:
50/50 Cellosolve/Xylene,
1% NaOH,
28% Sulfuric Acid,
Freon TMS 

Procedure followed to determine published values:

NEMA: National Electrical Manufacturers Association
JIS: Japanese Industrial Standards
IEC: International Electrotechnical Commission
ASTM: American Society for Testing and Materials

Download pdf Spec Sheet  Nysol